Legal Team

Sylvain Flicoteaux
Labour Law & Commercial Litigation

With 7 years of experience in labour law and commerical litigation, he have a vast experience in accompanying, support and litigation both in France and internationally.

Charles Croze
Coorporate & Society Law

With 6 years of experience in accompanying and litigation in France and internationally, he assures his clients develop the correct strategies when creating their projects and he gives them constant accompanying in the way.

Jean Garrau
Tax Law

With 6 years of experience in accompanying and litigating for French and International enterprises in French tax law, Jean helps French businesses to respect fiscal obligations.

Nicolas Martin-Teillard
Intelectual Property Law

With 6 years of experience, Nicolas is an expert in all the domains of Intellectual Properties and Information Technologies. He have represented and advised a big bouquet of companies in IP issues.


Accountant Team

Elodie Feuillet
Expert Accountant
Order of Accountant Experts of Rhône-Alpes

With 15 years of experience in accompanying of enterprises in developping their financial strategies and taking care of their taxing issues.


Business Strategy Team

Mauricio Tano-Retamales
Quality Engineering
PhD. DBA Engineer

With 5 years of experience in product and service quality assetments, he guarantee a superior quality in handling your C-Legal affairs.

Ankuj Arora
Digital Resources Developper
PhD. Engineer

With 7 of years experience in IT at international companies, Ankuj guarantee a superior digital quality for your projects in C-Legal.