Practice Center

The C-Legal practice centers are based in the city of Lyon on France. The buffetes in which C-Legal lawyers constantly work to solve your problems in an effective and dedicated manner are Delmas-Flicoteaux, Carnot Lawyers, Dulatier Lawyers and Inoxem. In adition, the main technological and managements developements of C-Legal are done at the offices of their hosting business Centerpriser at Grenoble in France.

The C-Legal projects are developed using an integrates Enterprise Resources Planning software which assures the quality of the serives provided in your legal or financial affairs and allows you follow the developement of your legal project at any time via your PC or your smart-phone.

Due to C-Legal vision of transparency, quality and excellence in the service we provide, you will obtain a competitive advantage by handling with us your legal and financial affairs.

Our Vision on the Development of Legal Projects

We conceive the developement of an optimal legal project in an iterative loop of 4 stages. Planning a matter involves defining the required resources and estimating the number of hours it will take to complete the work. In the C-Legal platform a a specialized lawyer develop a first plan to overtake your legal. Once tasks are defined, firms need to develop pricing that’s competitive and provides the required margins over the cost of delivering the work. In this sense, due to the optimal resources allocation and planning capabilities donated by the C-Legal plataform a minimal market costs is obtaied for handling our legal and financial issues.

Once matters have been estimated and priced and the work started, it’s imperative that firms closely monitor actual time spent on tasks compared to estimations. Due to the follow up system on the platform, real vs forseen costs can be permanently compared, identifying the factors causing the differences and continiously correcting them. Finally, acts are taking for adapting the original planning and to achieve excellence in the service development quality. The previous loop is then constantly repeated.