% of all registered EU enterprises are SMEs
Currently there are
Million companies listed in the Centerpriser symantic knowledge base
Where are we?


Nested in the breathtaking and scenic background of the French Alps, Grenoble serves as the operational base for CenterPriser. Blessed with a hyper-dynamic industrial-academic research and entrepreneurial nexus , this ecosystem serves as the most optimum playground for CenterPriser to test its ideas and further on launch them on a bigger industrial scale.

The details:

The things that matter.

First client face-to-face to better understand business needs

Quick follow-ups from all ends and full time and personalized availability to all clients

What is our bouquet made of?


Our Semantic Knowledge Base (SKB) or online platform which serves as a business opportunity identifier



Highest grade and optimum legal advice owing to our specialized team of lawyers



Ranging from Digital Marketing services to street advertising, we help your product reach the vicinity of your target audience and stays.


There is more than what meets the eye..

The global SME sector is by far the most prominent and dynamic business sector, with a blink-and-you-miss transition rate. Most businesses in this sector are however, set up with serving a local audience in mind.

This is where CenterPriser comes in. At CenterPriser, we help you identify potential business opportunities and expansion possibilities, and to latch on to them at quick pace. All this, with an end-to-end tailor-made expansion plan customized to your organizational business structure.

End-to-End Business Accompaniment

  • With the help of the CenterPriser semantic knowledge base, list your company on the online marketplace, and browse through thousands of global businesses to search and identify opportunities as well as potential business partners.
  • Using our state-of-the-art expert tools , we provide you with optimal and rapid business expansion strategies. With the best legal advice in the market, we help you swim through legal hurdles.
  • Thanks to our Digital Marketing and Advertising prowess, we help your product gain visibility and penetration in a foreign market.